On August 26, 2014, Josh welcomed Lew Dite to his apartment building in New York City.

They sat together in the garden while the lawn mower kept roaring by.

Lew Dite sang and Josh made requests.

Later, Josh showed Lew Dite all the chords he knew how to play.

After a little while we moved inside to the apartment.

The visit had been unbelievable.

Lew visited and sang with Josh for over 2 1/2 hours!

When he had left, Josh had a ukulele with a "Lew Dite Weapon of Mass Seduction" certification! He had Lew Dite's hat! He had a framed, signed 8x10 photo and, he loves to say, he had Lew Dite's capo.

I was worried that Josh would think meeting his heroes would be common place. I was waiting for him to ask to meet Julie Andrews. But that didn't happen. He just kept telling everyone about Lew Dite and showing them the videos. And, then, he started to write him letters.

The Letters