After driving north through New York with a brief stop in Saratoga Springs and an overnight stay in Plattsburgh, Josh reached Canada and insisted on first stopping in Montreal to see the Biodome...

and then going in to see it for himself.

And then we were off to Lew Dite's house in the country.

When we arrived, Josh gave Lew Dite a Sopranino ukulele since he knew that he didn't have one.

Then, before lunch, Lew Dite played a couple of songs for Josh.

We ate lunch together and Josh got to ask questions of Lew Dite until his heart content. 

After lunch, we all went down to the lake behind Lew Dite's house and Josh went swimming and canoeing until it was time for dinner.

Then, it was time for the most quintessential Lew Dite experience, singing by the campfire.

But it wasn't just going to be a campfire with Lew Dite. 3 musician friends (Leo, Jean, and John) came by (along with Lew Dite's son, Collin) to put together a band that Joshua would never forget.

Lew Dite also posted his version of the campfire to YouTube. It's 23 minutes long but it opens up with a wonderful conversation between Lew Dite and Joshua and ends with some beautiful songs sung against the backdrop of the gorgeous fire.